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February 9, 2012

let's go for a ride

so it has become quite obvious that i am not the typical blog-obsessed girl. i cannot seem to get motivated to write in my own blog...but i started this thing with a purpose and i am determined to start blogging!

i have been so overwhelmed with school lately.
i have not had a break from academic related projects/school for over a year and 1/2 now and it is finally getting to me. this is my last semester at BYU so i am really struggling to stay focused!
can anyone else relate to this???

from school, to wedding, back to more school & adjusting to married life, grad school applications and again MORE school, i feel like i haven't had much of a break in my routine. i wish Mark and i could just take an all-paid vacation to new york or paris. school is fantastic and i think it is important for everyone to be educated, but there comes a point where you have had enough of reading textbooks and you want to go EXPERIENCE something!

even an adventurous road trip would be a good enough of an experience for me right now
...sad but true
I wish!
anyway, we have had some really fun times with friends in the last week. i have really missed being able to see my girlfriends all of the time like i used to when I was single, so meeting some married couples that we can go out with {and we both like!} has been such a blessing.

last week we went to the BYU vs. Gonzaga basketball game with our friends tyler & valentina and had such a great time. we sat across from student section, so when they did their flash mob we were able to see it perfectly. it turned out pretty cool.

then on saturday we went out to dinner with our good friends taylor & kacie. we ate @ red rock brewery and had some really good fish n chips...expensive but delicious!! after dinner we went back to their house and talked about EVERYTHING. we ended up spending a good amount of time talking about scary stories and I actually started to get freaked out. haha that doesn't happen that often.
it was a really fun night.

anxious and looking forward to what the future has in store for Mark and me!
ready for something new.

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