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December 12, 2013

Life on the Westside

You guys, it has been FAR too long. But when life gets busy sometimes blogging gets put on the back burner.

So since my last post SO much has changed. Mark & I are no longer Utah residents, we are officially back in the great state of CALIFORNIA! We are living on the westside and loving the change of pace that LA has to offer. (Although can I say that I do actually miss a few things about Utah - Park City, Salt Lake, the slower lifestyle, and Cafe Rio...) Our apartment is still not fully unpacked and we just moved our bed from the living room into the bedroom. Ha, don't ask. ;)

As for my photography business, things have been a bit slower due to changing states, but they are definitely looking up!! I am working as a marketing assistant during the week and building up my business in my free time and on the weekends. I am so excited for the changes to come for Jenna Bechtholt Photography in 2014! Lots of exciting stuff in progress, you stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought I would share a few of my recent projects with you guys! I hope you are having a wonderful & blessed holiday season. This is by far my favorite time of the year but it always seems to just zip by! So, make sure to take some time to watch those classic holiday films, eat a few too many sweets, put all of those pinterest DIY decoration projects into action, and spend lots of time with good friends and your family.:) CHEERS!

If you are looking for a wedding or lifestyle photographer in the Los Angeles area (I also TRAVEL!) please pop over to Jenna Bechtholt Photography and check out my professional website. Contact me with any questions at

July 19, 2013

Photography UPDATE

I am so excited to be expanding outside of Utah and offering wedding & lifestyle photography to those in the great states of Washington & California. If you are located in different state & would like to have Jenna Bechtholt Photography photograph your special day please don't hesitate to get in touch // Please contact me for more details and prices!

July 11, 2013

A visit to Colorado

A few weeks ago I went over to visit my sister in Colorado to do a few wedding chores. ;) First, we stopped by the lovely little farm where Kyle & Alicia will be married and I got a little tour. Next, I got to take some fun engagement pictures of the lovely couple. (See more here) Then my mom, the bride-to-be and I went on a all day trip in search of the perfect wedding dress. Don't worry, none of the dresses pictured below was the winning dress. But doesn't she look beautiful?!

It was such a fun weekend with family that, of course, went by much too quickly. I can't wait to continue helping my sister with wedding plans and for her big day next June!

May 26, 2013

san fran part 2

the second half of our trip to SF was full of food, exploring and bay to breakers! bay to breakers is a race that goes through the streets of San Fran and behind all of the actual runners is a massive crowd of wild individuals dressed up (others are dressed down...) having a good time. after hearing about the craziness of this event for the past few years we decided we had to see if for ourselves.

 ^^^ Nani was hit, to say the least ^^^
^^^ you could say we felt a little...over dressed^^^
^^^ many people come in groups & wear matching costumes ^^^

 after the race we grabbed lunch down at pier 23 & explored fisherman's wharf for a little while before we had to catch our flight home. the weekend flew by way too fast, as most weekend trips do, but it was a vacation for the books! can't wait for our next wild adventure...

May 21, 2013

San Francisco

Last weekend Mark & I flew out to San Fran to meet up with my family to celebrate my brother's graduation from law school! While we were there we were the ultimate tourists & I was totally fine with that. We began our trip with a visit to Alcatraz on Friday morning.

 ^^^ it was a bit of a windy day out on the island ;) ^^^

From housing some of America's most wanted felons to being occupied by Native American for over a year, this tiny island has quite a bit of history lurking on it. Not to mention, the grounds of Alcatraz are just beautiful. There were tons of flowers, greenery and wild birds covering the island.

We spent the evening at our little loft where we ate tons of pizza, salad and just hung out as a family...with the most amazing massage chair ever. I will be shocked if my parents don't purchase one after how much we all used it. ;)

The next morning we all woke up bright and early & headed off to University of San Francisco to watch Marcus graduate from law school!

^^^ he did it! ^^^
 ^^^ proud mama ^^^
 ^^^ & me just being me ^^^

Congrats again, Marcus! Law school is quite an onto preparing for the bar!

Stay tuned for part two of our trip to SF...
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