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September 29, 2012

photo shoot {daybreak family of four}

&&&& here are a few more pictures from the daybreak family photo shoot
as you can see, this family was all smiles & laughter
& the little boys handled a couple hours of picture taking 
pretty well for their age!

September 28, 2012

short M&J update + preview {family shoot in daybreak}

ok, i know that really all i've been posting lately are pictures from photo shoots, but really that's all i've been up to lately. i research photography topics, ways to improve my work, practice editing, look at other photographer's work & that sort of thing during the day & then i shadow local photographers in the evenings. mark is busy with work & intramural sports at night. he is on 3 soccer teams and 1 football team. it has been a great opportunity for him to get out & run around for a few hours during the seems pretty difficult to feel motivated to exercise after a long day of work, but when it's sports with friends it is simply fun!

one piece of good news for me is i will be taking "fake" engagements photos for a friend of mine next week! {she already had her real engagements taken but she is allowing me to take some more just for the practice...thank you elise!} i won't be shadowing anyone, it will be MY shoot. i am beyond excited, & frankly a little nervous, for this opportunity.

here is a little sneak peak of a shoot i went to a few days ago. for this shoot we were in the city of daybreak, utah & i just fell in love with this city. it is so different than any other place in utah that i have been & the houses were adorable. i so badly just wanted to go off and explore the neighborhoods but i had to focus & remember to take pictures! if i had to live in utah long term, i would probably choose to live in daybreak.

anywhooo, this family was full of energy & so easy to shoot. the little boys were awesome & jackson {the oldest} was ready with his perfected camera-smile at every moment! these were some of the last pictures of the night just as the sun was going down on a little lake in the middle of the city.

oh, & did i mention the parents are high school sweethearts?? so cute! & he played in the NFL...

September 26, 2012

first birthday {photo shoot}

earlier this week i shadowed another photo shoot for a sweet little girl, gracie, in honor of her upcoming first birthday. she was such a cute & playful baby. you'll notice gracie is wearing a little headband or some sort of clip in her hair in most shots. they looked darling on but she just loved to grab them off of her her mom kept singing "call me maybe" so gracie would forget about the headband & start giggling. & those giggles produced the best smiles that we got all evening!

i am hoping to get a new website just for my photography up soon. i don't think my pictures look as crisp & clear as they usually do when i post them on this blog. boo. so when i get my new website i can post even larger pictures that look crystal clear! yay. i will keep you updated with all of that...

September 19, 2012

practice makes perfect {photo shoot}

last night i went to my first mentor session & it was a blast. i learned a ton from steph & she had gave me some awesome tips! i'm still trying to figure out what my style will be, but each time i go to a shoot i feel like i get a bit closer to understanding what i like most about the pictures i take.

i am excited to keep working hard at my craft, experimenting with editing & to build my own website soon! jenna bechtholt photography! sounds pretty good, huh?! :)

cookie time! these girls went crazy over their sugary treats

September 17, 2012

lake shoot with {sarah}

i have been begging my friend sarah to come out with me & let me take some pictures of her & we finally were able to do it yesterday! it was really fun to catch up & snap some pictures at the same time.

sarah loves to wear black but i told her to wear something more colorful & bright and i loved the outfit that she put together! thanks again, tippets!

take a look & enjoy!

 then we moved down closer to the lake & got some great shots by the water

& we ended the evening with a little bit of spinning

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