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August 30, 2012

more from {modern vintage shoot}

i wanted to post a couple more photos from the shoot i went to earlier this week with stephanie west from blackbird photography. this shoot was for {modern vintage boutique}. looking at these girls i would never guess that most of them are still in high school! would you? they looked gorgeous & i loved the clothes from modern vintage. 

take a look!

let me know what you think!

August 28, 2012

see ya later summer

ok ok, i know summer hasn't officially ended but today i found myself longing for the upcoming season, which is just around the corner...FALL!

summer in a small college town like provo can be pretty quiet. most students are spending time back home, are off vacationing or {for byu students} are tying the knot & going on their honeymoons ;), it is pretty clear when summer is on its way out because suddenly the streets are packed with cars & it takes you 15 minutes to drive from your house to the closest grocery store. the rush of returning college students {& anxious new freshman} are slowly finding their way back for a new school year. not to mention the local target and walmart are completely picked over - thanks freshmen parents! nevertheless, all of these small changes mean that fall is slowly approaching & i couldn't be more excited about it!

this summer was much too hot for my liking & i am ready for some chilly days and a chance to wear a sweater again. i also love fall because that means that all of my favorite holidays are right around the corner.

i am looking forward to the sipping hot cocoa while snuggling up on the couch, the sound of football on the tv {am i crazy?}, making holiday crafts, using my oven again, making homemade soups, the smell of hot cider, holiday flicks on tv, finally being able to sleep with the window open, & all of my favorite shows starting up again!

AH! doesn't that sound just perfect right about now? it sure does to me.

{engagement} photo shoot

a week ago i went on another shoot with travis richardon {travis j photography}. we went up little cottonwood canyon & up towards alta ski resort where there are beautiful trees and mountains. i had a great time & was thankful for the practice!

preview {modern vintage shoot}

yesterday i went on a shoot with stephanie west from blackbird photography. she is the coolest girl & was so friendly & willing to help me. here are just a couple shots from the shoot!

side note. {i try not to get in the photographer's way as much as i can, so sometimes i am not able to get the best angle on the models & that is why they are never looking right into my camera}

August 27, 2012

back to the grind

i am ready to get back in shape! {or maybe finally get in shape...}
with friends finally back in town i have some more motivation to hit the gym again. i am making some goals for myself that i am determined to hit...

a few of them are:

1.) go to body pump twice a week {this is an awesome weight lifting class offered at 24 hour fitness}

2.) start to train for a half marathon by running a 3-4 miles at least three times a week. i have never been much of a runner but running a half marathon is at the top of my bucket list.

3.) & just be more active. period. 

healthy here i come! there's no time like the present to make a change, right??

August 24, 2012

big news...

so i have made a pretty big decision in my life.

it has taken me a while to make this decision, but time has finally run out & i am being forced to choose a path. what am i blabbering on about exactly? i have decided to give up grad school & devote my time & future to the art of photography.

with the help of my wonderful family, friends & husband i think i have come to the best decision at this point in my life.

i am a bit nervous about embarking on this new adventure & leaving school behind me, but i am also excited. i am going to chase after a dream that i have and see what happens! i plan to work hard & learn as much as i can. i am anxious & ready to develop my skills & learn from some wonderful people around me.

wish me luck

& if you ever need some pictures know where to find me ;)

August 23, 2012

baby liv

yesterday i stopped by a friend's house to visit & snap a few pictures of her little girl, liv. she is 9 months old & so sweet. i realized that taking baby pictures isn't an easy task, especially at 9 months! she just wanted to play and wiggle around in the grass the whole time.

here are a few shots of liv.
{this was my first time photographing a baby & i am determined to get better at it!}

isn't she so cute?? thanks, kacie!

{p.s. i am aware that many of these pictures seem slightly out of focus or blurry.  i've been researching & have realized that some of my settings are causing this! so my next mission is to play with the settings to get the background blurry but my subjects crystal clear.}

August 22, 2012

our first anniversary

on monday mark & i celebrated our 1 year anniversary!

we can't believe a whole year has come and gone. this past year has been one for the books, to say the least. married life has been great but a big adjustment for us both. it is so crazy to look back on this year & think about how much has changed! i couldn't be happier that we are onto our second year.

we had a great day on monday. mark & i met up at la jolla groves for a nice lunch & then we caught an afternoon movie. mark's boss was so sweet to let him have the rest of the day off! :) for dinner we went up to salt lake & ate at the restaurant we went to after we got engaged {the roof restaurant}. it is located at temple square and over looks the temple & other buildings in the heart of downtown salt lake city. we love that place for not only the views, but also the food! the roof is pretty much a gourmet buffet with too many options so you always leave having eaten way too much. & this visit was no exception!

after dinner we walked around city creek {a new outdoor mall}. we stopped by sunglass hut & had a great time trying on glasses. sounds strange but it was so much fun.

oh, did i mention that mark got me 2 dozen red roses?? what a guy! we didn't have a vase large enough to hold them so i put them in our big glass pitcher...looked great :)


to end the night we headed back home to enjoy some of our wedding cake that we have been dying to eat all year! we were pretty stuffed from dinner so we each had a small slice & called it a night.

p.s. i finally ordered prints from our wedding day as a surprise for mark. i framed his favorite one of the two of us {the first picture on this post} & he was so happy! we now have wedding pictures in our home! & it only took a whole year...ha

looking forward to our next year together!

August 19, 2012

{seven things i love today}

  1. salt & vinegar chips on a road trip
  2. when every sock has a match after a load of laundry
  3. laughing so hard with my husband that we both cannot breathe for a few seconds
  4. the smell of the early morning
  5. gouda cheese
  6. watching christmas films all year round
  7. the feeling of accomplishment after a complete cleaning of a filthy kitchen

an afternoon with friends & a camera

this past week has been amazing! i have had to chance to shadow multiple local photographers at various weddings & other occasions. it has been a really great learning experience & chance for me to develop my photography skills. i feel like i have learned so much in the past 4 days.

i am happy to report that i am finally feeling more comfortable using the manual mode on my camera. {manual requires you to change multiple settings on the camera depending on the light, etc. & can be tricky at first} it has been a bit of struggle but i am finally understanding how to get pictures to look the way that i imagine them in my head!

i am just loving taking pictures. & even though i was using my camera all week i just wanted to keep going! so i asked my 2 friends shelby & katie if they would model for me :)

here are a few shots of shelby that i really loved...

 and here are some of katie!

thanks girls!

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