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April 29, 2013

a touch of green

>> once i began actually cooking for fun {& enjoying it} i began to understand & appreciate herb gardens. my mom & dad both had awesome gardens {& still do} full of herbs, veggies & flowers. i was never interested in weeding with them in the hot sun, but now i'm starting to get it. i would LOVE to have my own little garden where i could grab a handful of basil for free instead of paying $3 for like 4 leaves. isn't funny how we all, at some point, start to notice little bits of our parents in us?? ;) >> mark & i are heading out to san francisco in a few weeks to celebrate my brother's graduation from law school! we couldn't be happier for him & we are really looking forward to spending a long weekend with family in one of the coolest cities in the country. great food, wonderful company, a unique setting, wild people...let's just say i will most definitely be bringing my camera. >> OKAY! i have some exciting news. it isn't quite official yet, the contract is in the process of being signed, but i have booked my first wedding! i am beyond excited to finally put my skills to the ultimate test & photograph a wedding on my own. wish me luck! >> lastly, mark & i have been pretty obsessed with these flank steak street tacos i have been whipping up lately. grilled steak, fresh guac, homemade salsa with a bit of a kick to it, lime juice, a pinch of shredded cheese all wrapped up inside of a warm tortilla! there is probably nothing i would rather eat every day. fresh, simple & tasty.

April 24, 2013

playing a little catch up

gosh where have i been lately? i'm not sure i even know. things have been hectic but sort of slow at the same time...does that make sense? probably not. but i have been working hard at work and coming home just exhausted which leaves little time to blog. i have been doing some fun photography sessions lately though. i would love it if you would check out my latest work & let me know what you think!!

^^^ a couple in love ^^^
^^^ a girl who loves to dance ^^^
^^^ a wedding ^^^
^^^ a fun afternoon with a party dress & some cake^^^

come check out all of these sessions at jenna bechtholt photography!!

April 15, 2013

a visit from family & a recipe {apple tart tatin}

sunday night we made homemade pizzas & i attempted a new recipe for an apple tart tatin, which is like an upside down apple tart of some sorts. the recipe is below!

what you'll need >>
6 granny smith apples
1 1/3 cups sugar
1/2 lemon, juice
6 tablespoons of salted butter
puff pastry
9" deep dish, oven proof pan

directions >>

1. peel & cut the apples into quarters. add lemon juice & 1/3 of the sugar. mix & allow to sit for 15 minutes. 

2. cut a 9" circle out of the puff pastry & set aside.

 3. melt butter over medium heat in pan & add 1 cup of sugar. whisk until the carmel is light brown in color.

4. remove pan from heat & arrange apples rounded side down. place pan back onto medium-high heat & keep pressing the apples down with a spoon.

5. allow apples to cook for about 15 minutes. keep basting the apples with the carmel & you can move the apples around if some are getting more cooked than others.

6. preheat oven to 400. place the uncooked puff pastry on top of the apples. cut 2-4 slits in the pastry. bake for 15-20 minutes until puffy & golden brown.

7. place a plate that is larger than your pan on top of the pan & carefully flip the tatin onto the plate. serve while hot/warm & with some homemade whipped cream! i also like this dish cold the next day.

this weekend mark's dad came down from washington to spend the weekend with us. i wish i had taken more pictures, but sometimes it is just more fun to be in the moment & not trying to capture everything on film!

just to give you a taste of some of the things we did this weekend >> 
mark got a much needed, brand new suit - which happens to look AMAZING on him
i resisted buying anything from anthro
had an appetizer, main course & dessert while dining out - this never happens!
the boys went fishing
we caught a movie - 42, have you seen it?
took mark's dad to some of our favorite restaurants around town
took a trip to salt lake

April 12, 2013

getting our juice on

as most of you can probably tell, i like food. i like to eat it, make it & enjoy it with friends//family. but should food really be on your mind most of the day??? ehhh probably not. i have decided to get back on track with a healthier lifestyle. i must admit that i gave myself a nice long break from really worrying about my diet & exercise routine, but no more!

i will still be sharing recipes but i will try to make healthier options & give you guys some yummy ideas that won't impact your waste-line quite as much.

so in honor of my new state of mind here is my new {or should i say repurchased} juicer! mark & i bought a juicer when we were first married & loved making fruit//veggie juices. unfortunately i fried the motor by forcing a huge carrot into the poor little guy which it could not handle. opps.

this is honestly such a great way to get some extra fruits & veggies into your bod. i love it & am happy to start up again!

if you guys have any good juice recipes please do share! i have a favorite go-to blend that i love & will share with you now...

jenna's blend >>
yields 2 large glasses

3 carrots
1/2 of a large beet
3 celery sticks
2 apples
6 leaves of kale
2 cups of spinach
1 orange, peeled

i like to wait until my juice is nice & cold so you can either make it ahead of time & let it chill in the fridge or add some ice cubes.

^^^this combo may not come out looking very pretty thanks to mixture of red beet juice & the green of the kale/spinach, but it tastes amazing!^^^

April 10, 2013

taking care of your skin

i don't know about you guys but i am always on the look out for ways to keep my skin looking youthful & healthy. i have combination skin but i am definitely more on the dry side, so finding products that deliver enough moisture without leaving too much oil on my face has been a struggle for me. i have lived in utah for 4 years now & ever since i have moved here it has felt like i just couldn't get on top of the break outs on my face. it has been driving me nuts! in high school i would get that random zit here or there but nothing extreme. i thought maybe it was hormones from birth control or my age that was causing these new acne patterns, but the more i have experimented with things the more i have realized it is the climate here that has really taken it's toll on my skin.

i've tried different face washes, gotten facials, purchased a clearasonic, done face masks, bought different lotions & i'm even guilty of falling into the trap of expensive department store products. nothing really seemed to fix what was going on, though!

a few months ago i started researching more natural products that help with dry skin and even acne. i decided to pick up a few products and try them out. why not, right? i have been beyond pleased with the results so far!

this oil is so versatile. you can use it for cooking, as a hair mask, body & face moisturizer, make up remover and a face cleanser. i know the term "oil" is scary when considering applying it to your face, but i'm telling you there is nothing to be nervous about! this product works on any skin type {most youtube tutorials on this product are women who have really oily skin} and helps deliver & lock in moisture. most lotions have a lot of water in them which make you feel like you are hydrating your face, but once the water is absorbed you are left with your skin feeling dry again. coconut oil also helps draw out dirt & dead skin from your pores and also plumps up your skin leaving your face with less fine lines & wrinkles. i'm telling you, coconut oil will help you keep or get back a youthful glow to your skin. sounding too good to be true??? do some research of your own & you'll find out for yourself!

you can use coconut oil daily on your skin but right now i am using it as a face wash a few times a week if my face is feeling really dry....i am still experimenting with my routine! i also like to use it as a chap stick before bed!

// if you want to try out this product make sure you get extra virgin, organic, raw coconut oil preferably in a glass jar! you can pick this up at local health food stores like whole foods.

i honestly think this oil may be my miracle worker. jojoba oil isn't actually an oil, it is technically a wax ester from the jojoba tree. it is also the closest thing to human skin oil. so what i like to do is cleanse my face at night with my face wash or coconut oil and then put a dime size amount of face lotion in my hand with 4 or 5 drops of jojoba oil and spread it all over my face and neck. the jojoba oil will "trick" your skin into thinking it already has enough oil on it so it won't over produce the oil on your face. i think my skin may work extra hard to produce oil on my face to make up for my dryness, but applying lotion with some jojoba oil helps my skin not to freak out on me while still delivering enough moisture to my face. {i honestly probably don't need to use lotion with it, again i'm still experimenting}

// if you want to try this product make sure you get organic jojoba oil. be sure not to use too much at a time because if you have tons of excess oil on your face it can more easily attract & trap bacteria which won't be helping your skin at all. so just remember, a little goes a long way! if you feel like you may have put too much on then lightly pat your face with a clean towel.

ah i love these products!!!
do you guys have any products that are a must for you???

April 8, 2013

life lately (iphone edition)

lots of smiles, food, adventures & fun this past month. 
happy monday! it's a new week, anything could happen! :)

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April 5, 2013

friday's letters 04

^^^hey awkward hand.^^^

>> dear DVR, what would i do without you? i love being able to hang out and relax with a few of my favorites anytime i want with the added bonus of zero commercials. i currently have 4 episodes of revenge, 3 grey's anatomy and maybe a few more waiting for me on my day off today :) >> dear april, you have made quite the enterance this year. after the worst winter of my life, these warmer temps are much appreciated. i am beyond okay with a few showers here and there as long as it means we are done with snow & moving towards warmer days. >> dear running shoes, it is so nice to finally see you guys again. i wear my work out clothes far too often considering i'm never heading to the gym, but i only wear my nikes if i'm actually working out...which i finally did a few times last week! i think i have decided to start going back to the gym more regularly, but we will see how long it lasts. i'm hoping a while. >> dear girl's night, you are fabulous & necessary. i would just like to tell my lovely ladies that i love getting together with you girls on a weekly basis. spending time with my friends helps keep me balanced. i need girl time. i especially love it when we get together at the best restaurants in town & get to indulge in amazing food together :):)

hoping you all enjoy your weekend!

i am also featured on my friend amber's blog today! have you heard of barefoot blonde??? 
if not, you're welcome & this is sure to become your newest must read blog. 
check it out here
& if you want the chance at being featured on amber's blog follow these instructions >>
-instagram YOUR fav look, hair, beauty, fitness tip, travel destination, whatever!
-tag #bfbdailyfav and @amberfillerup. (must be in original first caption of photo)

April 4, 2013

easter festivities with friends

we started our easter off with church & a baby blessing for one of mark's friends which was then followed by brunch. then we headed back home & took a much needed nap after waking up early & then stuffing our faces with food. in the afternoon i baked off some fresh bread that MC had made & we headed up to our friend's cabin for dinner!

^^^such a gorgeous & perfect spring//easter table!^^^
 ^^^how many boys does it take to turn on a grill? 5.^^^
 ^^^it was important to document these boys cooking because it is such a rarity!^^^ 
^^^our besties, the cooks!^^^

the night included a light & fresh dinner, trampoline bouncing, races of many sorts, a photoshoot with everyone :), egg dying & dessert!
if you can't be with family on holidays, good friends are definitely the next best thing!

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April 2, 2013

eva's bakery & a day in the city

when you live somewhere for long enough you get into routines. you work in the same place, eat at the same restaurants, drive the same's nice to purposely mix things up every now and then. so in honor of this idea, a few friends & i spent friday afternoon out & about in salt lake!

after a trip to the new & beautiful traverse outlets, maryclaire, madi & i headed up to salt lake to pick up a few things at the city creek mall & visit our friend lauren at work. it was such a nice day out that we sat in the sun next to some fountains & chatted for a few minutes while she was on her break. it really was a treat to see lauren two days in one week! i miss my old roomie.

to end our little outing we stopped by eva's bakery. it was the cutest little french bakery that i probably would have never noticed on my own. i tried an apple croissant & grabbed an almond one to take back for mark. i love finding new treasures like this in the city! getting to know the area you live in can really make a new place feel more like home.
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