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May 12, 2014

Guest Post: Lauren of The Wild Ones

Hi Five Foot Seven readers! I’m super excited to be posting here today and feel extremely honored that Jenna would ask! I’m Lauren, the momma behind L & The Wild Ones. A blog mostly about life; my love for fashion, coffee, food, and of course my family.

So, about me, I’m a full time wife and mother and a part time RN. I love DIY projects and repurposing the old and unwanted. On a regular day here in our house you’ll find a lot of noise, mostly laughter, the smell of coffee and vanilla candles, and music turned up really loud. I usually go for Kings of Leon, but lately I’ve had Bridges by Broods on repeat.

A little more about what you’ll most likely find on my blog:
1. This year I decided to challenge myself to not buy anything (except necessary items like underthings, socks, pantyhose…) for a year. You’re probably thinking that that is a little insane, and for some people it might be, but for me shopping can be a way to fill a void of some sort, and I’m really trying to focus on having less and using what I already have more! 2. Outfit posts, which kind of ties in with my yearlong wardrobe challenge. I’m trying to wear what I have and I also figure out what I can get rid of and donate. 3.Food. You’ll find a lot of food. Particularly baked goods. I love pies, breads, cookies, cakes… you name it. I’ve got a bad sweet tooth, but I do try to make these tasty treats with a healthy twist, like substituting all-purpose flour with wheat flour.

4.     And last, but not least, I post about life in general. My husband and kids. My faith, struggles, goals, and adventures.

I hope you'll come check out my space and stick around for a while!

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