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June 24, 2012

{short & sweet}: morning bliss

rise & shine

staying up late and waking up well into the afternoon has become a bad habit of mine over the past few years. {thank you college life} i love to sleep, but every now and then when i have to wake up early i am reminded of how much i love the mornings. no matter what the previous day brought, the early morning represents a new start. a clean slate.

there is something so peaceful and fresh about the early hours of a new day. the air is chilly and crisp. the sun is just starting to rise, causing the color of the sky to slowly change and grow brighter. yet the land is still dark and covered in shadows. asphalt is cool to the touch and the streets are empty. the beauty of the quiet Earth is breathtaking, but there is nothing that beats the smell and sounds of the early morning {or lack thereof, perhaps}. it is so quiet at that time of day. the only noise you hear is that of small birds chirping and the rest of the neighborhood waking up. there is no distinct smell, either. only fresh, clean air. no other moment of the day is quite the same.

the smell of my parent's coffee brewing, the morning news on TV, a newly printed paper on the table & the view from my living room/porch is purely divine.

it doesn't matter where you are, either. waking up early in any city, in any country brings these same gifts, only slightly varied.

I LOVE IT! seriously nothing beats the beauty of a new day.


Smell of coffee :)

Central Park Morning

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