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June 24, 2012

the past few months

well so much for blogging about things we are up to i guess! blogging has been the last thing on my mind with finals and graduation approaching back in april...but, i did it! i graduated from brigham young university with a BS in psychology!

it was a very strange feeling to be done with school. done. i wish i actually was finished, but i have decided to stay at BYU to get a master's degree in social work. that means 2 more years THEN I'll really be done. 

here are some things we have been up to since then...
Mark & me after I walked
My mom and me at a Dodger's game when I went home for a week
My awesome step-mom, Nancy, & Nani bought us brand new bedding! We were using Mark's old comforter so this has been quite a treat! And I also repainted my old high school dresser to match :)
Mark loves to fish!
He is so cute...he grew up fishing with his dad
Intramural softball...they ALMOST won the championship
We went to the Denver Zoo
Mark, Alicia (my sister) & Kyle (Alicia's boyfriend)...weird but I love them! We spent the weekend in Niwot, CO (right next to Boulder) to visit these crazy kids. Colorado is so beautiful!
At Matt's Big Breakfast in Phoenix, good! We waited about 1 hour because this place was packed and SO small inside...but a great experience
Outside the Mesa, AZ temple after Nate & MC's wedding
so far this summer has been great to us. mark has been busy at work & working hard to move up in his company. i have been on the job hunt and finally got a nanny position up in park city for a few weeks in july.
so until then I have been helping out our good friend kacie with her darling baby, liv, a few mornings each week. she is the sweetest little girl who laughs and smiles the the entire time I am with her! i have also been working on my summer bridge course {stats & research methods}.

i don't mean to brag but i have become quite efficient with cooking and cleaning the house too... :) but if you were home all day you would be too, right?

one great accomplishment i have had this summer is really starting to plan and prepare dinners each night. it might sound lame, but being young and married = limited money. so it is kind of a big deal to us :) cooking light magazine has been a life saver & I have found some awesome recipes! mark even loves them too! $$ saver & tasty.

looking forward to the upcoming weeks & months!

coming up...
nanny position in park city
"stay-cation" in LA with my family
ashley & brent's wedding
A loooong weekend in seattle
shane & heather's wedding

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