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July 28, 2012

nanny adventures

for the past 3 weeks i got a true taste of motherhood - i spent 10 hours each day caring for, entertaining & singing and dancing with the cutest 2 year old baby girl. from coloring and snack time to laughing so hard that she needed a new pair of undies :) we had a blast together. 

Little Yaara
Daily drawing - she loved sharks

parents, & especially mothers, truly are heros. i have no idea how they do what they do each day for their children. i was able to talk to my mom one day while yaara was napping and i confessed to her how impressed and in awe i was by everything that she did for my sister and me while we were growing up. working mothers & stay@home moms are equally amazing - a mother's job is never ending. cooking, cleaning, hardest job there is.

so thank you, mom & dad!

although i miss little yaara, i have to say that i do not miss driving to park city every day. I {LOVE} park city, as well as the drive up there, but commuting is tiring & only wastes precious hours in the day. 

until next time...

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