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October 5, 2012

elise + mike {photo shoot}

i had the such a wonderful time shooting this couple on tuesday evening. i actually went to high school with elise & when she got engaged to mike i asked her if she would want to take some more "engagements" pictures...& she happily said yes. you can never get too many pictures of you & the boy you love, right??

we decided to head up provo canyon to a little hidden park where there were tons of beautiful trees. this really is the best time of year in utah, in my opinion, because you get amazing, beautiful trees. all of the leaves are changing, so you get a variety of colors ranging from greens & yellows to oranges & reds {my favorite}! i was a little bummed that we didn't have any direct sun light coming into the little canyon we were in, but as we began shooting i realized that we were still getting amazing pictures!

i am very happy with how these came out & elise + mike were just awesome to shoot. there were so many great pictures to choose from & so i just posted a bunch of my favorites.

there is nothing better than photographing a happy couple. congrats you two!


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