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October 15, 2012

maddy + neal

lately i have been doing mentor sessions with my friend paola {an awesome utah photographer}. she has been teaching me so much about the art of photography & has really opened my eyes to a lot of details in photographs that i had never noticed.

after one of our sessions, paola set up a practice shoot for me where i would be able to apply some of the things that i had been learning. for the shoot we used maddy & neal, a fabulous couple who happily volunteered! & because it is autumn in utah there is really only one place to go to take pictures - up the canyon where the trees stand tall all around you & the colors are breath taking. we drove up past the sundance resort to a little secluded road where we all just walked & talked while  making time for the occasional picture. towards the end of our shoot, as we were strolling around on various trails, we came aross a beautiful group of horses. it was a great way to end the evening!

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