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March 29, 2013

adventures in sewing

as i have mentioned a few times, learning to sew is pretty high on my bucket list. 
so when my friend ashley offered to teach me some basic about sewing, i jumped at the opportunity!

ashley & her husband are southern california natives and have such a cute apartment with a beachy feel to it. ashley decided that she wanted to cover her brown & green decorative pillows to match a little better. she found a really straight forward tutorial for making pillow covers via pinterest & bought some simple star fish fabric from amazon. what a cheap & easy option for covering pillows!

^^^ashley even let me give it a try!^^^

& the finished product!!! isn't that the cutest pillow cover? and it only took like 20 minutes. 
next we are going to try to tackle making maxi & pencil skirts with jersey fabric!

thanks for a fun morning, ash!


  1. They turned out great! Can't wait to see how the skirts turn out!

    X Kenzie

  2. I love them!!! :) Great job!

  3. Wow, it looks great! I know what you mean about wanting to learn to sew, seems like you can customise anything once you know how! Definitely on my bucket list too, haha!


  4. K your sewing basket, CUTEST thing ever. Seriously I need to get one of those! And the finished result looks amazing!! Great job girl, you're going to be an expert in no time.

  5. Awh, diy is the way to go! also Cant wait to read your posts on making maxi skirts! i wish i was gifted in textiles, so many designs i would want to put to practice! Xx

  6. Your dear old mom started sewing in high school and is quite experienced. Happy to teach you anytime!

    1. haha i know, ma! i'm just never home long enough to do things like that! but i would love you to teach me more.

  7. I love sewing! I'm not great at it, but its fun to make something & have a nice finished product! I would love it if you took a minute & voted for me in the Wallis Contest, details are on my blog:) You can vote everyday until the 9th. Thanks!!
    Have a great weekend!


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