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April 5, 2013

friday's letters 04

^^^hey awkward hand.^^^

>> dear DVR, what would i do without you? i love being able to hang out and relax with a few of my favorites anytime i want with the added bonus of zero commercials. i currently have 4 episodes of revenge, 3 grey's anatomy and maybe a few more waiting for me on my day off today :) >> dear april, you have made quite the enterance this year. after the worst winter of my life, these warmer temps are much appreciated. i am beyond okay with a few showers here and there as long as it means we are done with snow & moving towards warmer days. >> dear running shoes, it is so nice to finally see you guys again. i wear my work out clothes far too often considering i'm never heading to the gym, but i only wear my nikes if i'm actually working out...which i finally did a few times last week! i think i have decided to start going back to the gym more regularly, but we will see how long it lasts. i'm hoping a while. >> dear girl's night, you are fabulous & necessary. i would just like to tell my lovely ladies that i love getting together with you girls on a weekly basis. spending time with my friends helps keep me balanced. i need girl time. i especially love it when we get together at the best restaurants in town & get to indulge in amazing food together :):)

hoping you all enjoy your weekend!

i am also featured on my friend amber's blog today! have you heard of barefoot blonde??? 
if not, you're welcome & this is sure to become your newest must read blog. 
check it out here
& if you want the chance at being featured on amber's blog follow these instructions >>
-instagram YOUR fav look, hair, beauty, fitness tip, travel destination, whatever!
-tag #bfbdailyfav and @amberfillerup. (must be in original first caption of photo)


  1. Hey girl! Your blog is amazing! Just found you through Barefoot Blonde, and so glad I did! Can I ask what Nikon you use? And what lense? I love all of your photos and also have a Nikon, but I've been looking at getting a new lense. What do you suggest?

    Jody Beth

    1. Hey! Thanks so much!! I love meeting other Nikon users. I started with a D5100 but have upgraded to a D600. My favorite lens is my 50mm 1.8. It is about $200 give or take & will take your pictures to the next level!

    2. Thanks! I'll definitely have to look into it! :)

    3. Oh, and don't mind me just spelling 'lens' wrong TWICE. ;)

  2. SUCH A LOVELY CUTE POSTS & inexactly why you are one of my daily reads. It encompasses my thoughts laid out with beautiful words and Anecdotes. <3

    Hamida X

  3. Cute post :) Love your writing style!

  4. There's nothing a good girl's night, warm weather and a full DVR can't solve. Running shoes and I have a love/hate relationship though...


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