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April 29, 2013

a touch of green

>> once i began actually cooking for fun {& enjoying it} i began to understand & appreciate herb gardens. my mom & dad both had awesome gardens {& still do} full of herbs, veggies & flowers. i was never interested in weeding with them in the hot sun, but now i'm starting to get it. i would LOVE to have my own little garden where i could grab a handful of basil for free instead of paying $3 for like 4 leaves. isn't funny how we all, at some point, start to notice little bits of our parents in us?? ;) >> mark & i are heading out to san francisco in a few weeks to celebrate my brother's graduation from law school! we couldn't be happier for him & we are really looking forward to spending a long weekend with family in one of the coolest cities in the country. great food, wonderful company, a unique setting, wild people...let's just say i will most definitely be bringing my camera. >> OKAY! i have some exciting news. it isn't quite official yet, the contract is in the process of being signed, but i have booked my first wedding! i am beyond excited to finally put my skills to the ultimate test & photograph a wedding on my own. wish me luck! >> lastly, mark & i have been pretty obsessed with these flank steak street tacos i have been whipping up lately. grilled steak, fresh guac, homemade salsa with a bit of a kick to it, lime juice, a pinch of shredded cheese all wrapped up inside of a warm tortilla! there is probably nothing i would rather eat every day. fresh, simple & tasty.


  1. Congrats on booking your first wedding! I still remember my husband and I jumping up and down in our living room when we booked our first :) Very exciting stuff!

  2. we are moving to san francisco, i am so excited!

    also, i love weddings, lets just say im addicted.


  3. I spent the weekend in San Fran last year with my family & I loooved it. So pretty & such a great vibe. I could go back again & again! Have fun!

  4. Hey girl! Just came across your blog and I love it. I wasn't able to find you email, but I was wondering if you were intersted in swapping buttons? You can find mine here:
    And email me at

    Thanks :) -Katie


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