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April 2, 2013

eva's bakery & a day in the city

when you live somewhere for long enough you get into routines. you work in the same place, eat at the same restaurants, drive the same's nice to purposely mix things up every now and then. so in honor of this idea, a few friends & i spent friday afternoon out & about in salt lake!

after a trip to the new & beautiful traverse outlets, maryclaire, madi & i headed up to salt lake to pick up a few things at the city creek mall & visit our friend lauren at work. it was such a nice day out that we sat in the sun next to some fountains & chatted for a few minutes while she was on her break. it really was a treat to see lauren two days in one week! i miss my old roomie.

to end our little outing we stopped by eva's bakery. it was the cutest little french bakery that i probably would have never noticed on my own. i tried an apple croissant & grabbed an almond one to take back for mark. i love finding new treasures like this in the city! getting to know the area you live in can really make a new place feel more like home.


  1. great pcitures :) where is this ?
    New post is on my blog :)

  2. So pretty! :) Ok and I love your shoes. :)

  3. I love your leopard loafers and that beautiful skirt!



  4. Ha! I love that your skirt matches the tiles!

    Also, I want those tiles :)

  5. I literally love everything about that bakery (from the photos of course!!). So charming!!

  6. Bakery should have been my middle name. YUM! So I tried to email you back but my computer is being dumb again. I can't find the code for your button to put it on my blog... help me!

  7. I love the bakery! Lokks really tasty! Great blog)
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  8. What a darling bakery!! I'll have to try it next time I'm up that way:)

  9. Beautiful photos! :) Really nice.
    Love, Leo x

  10. how charming!! i love little places like that!
    Love your skirt too!

    New follower on bloglovin! :)

  11. You take such beautiful photos.

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