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September 28, 2012

short M&J update + preview {family shoot in daybreak}

ok, i know that really all i've been posting lately are pictures from photo shoots, but really that's all i've been up to lately. i research photography topics, ways to improve my work, practice editing, look at other photographer's work & that sort of thing during the day & then i shadow local photographers in the evenings. mark is busy with work & intramural sports at night. he is on 3 soccer teams and 1 football team. it has been a great opportunity for him to get out & run around for a few hours during the seems pretty difficult to feel motivated to exercise after a long day of work, but when it's sports with friends it is simply fun!

one piece of good news for me is i will be taking "fake" engagements photos for a friend of mine next week! {she already had her real engagements taken but she is allowing me to take some more just for the practice...thank you elise!} i won't be shadowing anyone, it will be MY shoot. i am beyond excited, & frankly a little nervous, for this opportunity.

here is a little sneak peak of a shoot i went to a few days ago. for this shoot we were in the city of daybreak, utah & i just fell in love with this city. it is so different than any other place in utah that i have been & the houses were adorable. i so badly just wanted to go off and explore the neighborhoods but i had to focus & remember to take pictures! if i had to live in utah long term, i would probably choose to live in daybreak.

anywhooo, this family was full of energy & so easy to shoot. the little boys were awesome & jackson {the oldest} was ready with his perfected camera-smile at every moment! these were some of the last pictures of the night just as the sun was going down on a little lake in the middle of the city.

oh, & did i mention the parents are high school sweethearts?? so cute! & he played in the NFL...

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  1. LOVE your work! I'm shooting in Daybreak tonight for the first time. Any places you'd recommend?


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