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September 4, 2012

sun valley {farmer's market}

i've been slacking a bit on the blog this past week because mark & i were out of town! we spent labor day weekend up in sun valley, idaho relaxing with mark's parents {john & ann} & arrived back in utah only a couple of hours ago! we had a blast & wish we could have stayed longer.

i was dying to stop by the farmer's market while we were in sun valley! ann & i were lucky enough to get to do a quick walk through right before we left to head back to utah earlier this afternoon while mark & john went to a fishing store to fix a rod that mark had found in his newly purchased golf bag at a local thrift shore.

it wasn't a huge ordeal but everything there was so fresh & it made me wish i could shop at a farmer's market every week. i always feel motivated to eat more fresh produce after visiting a farmer's market because everything looks so good!

at the first stand we hit there were the CUTEST little signs & ann decided to ask the woman who made them if she would make both of us a couple for our own gardens at home {i guess this means i need to start a garden!}. aren't they cute?

we also found a super cute stand called {mason cakes} & they sold individual portions of various cakes in little mason jars. there were so many different flavors & they all looked so tasty. ann & i asked them how they put together these little gems, but they informed us it was top secret & that left us very curious! doesn't look that difficult though. ;)

 more fresh fruit & flowers!

ann loves a stand called {rolling in the dough} that has tons of fresh breads, pastries & other treats. i was dying to try a few but was much too full from lunch...definitely next time!

i will be putting up another post shortly about all of the other fun stuff that we did over the weekend! with lots of pictures, of course.

stay tuned...

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