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September 6, 2012

sun valley, id part l

over labor day weekend mark & i headed up north to sun valley, id to meet up with his parents! it was my first time spending time in idaho & i really enjoyed myself! {but it's hard not to have fun when all you're doing is shopping, eating great food & spending time with family}

we started off our mini vacation by stopping by the town parade on saturday morning. before the parade began we ate breakfast at a park where they were serving all you can eat pancakes, eggs, sausages & drinks! {i haven't done that since high school!} then we headed up to john & ann's favorite coffee shop & sat outside to watch the parade. after the event was over, ann & i got a couple of street favorite & ann's first time every having them. she loved them!

after a long morning in the sun we all went back to the house for a little down time which consisted of reading, tv & a 2 hour nap for me :) {what else is new}. once we were all rested we got ready to go out to a movie in another small town about 30 minutes away. we saw lawless & for the most part enjoyed it, there were some pretty graphic violent scenes. after the movie we were all pretty hungry & quickly dashed over to a local favorite pizza joint & had a couple slices of pizza! yum.

mark & i began our sunday morning with a trip to church! i thought it must have been stake conference or something because the entire building was packed...& i mean the entire building! but apparently there were just tons of out of town visitors for the holiday weekend. we sat out in the hall for the entire meeting with many other people & never did see the faces of the speakers we were listening to. but atleast we made an effort, right??

on our way to lunch we stopped to see these little houses made of sticks that were really cool! & of course we had to snap a few pictures. for lunch we wanted to go up to a fabulous restaurant at one of the ski resorts but in order to get there we had to take a gondola ride. it was so much fun! & after lunch we went on a chair lift to get a little higher up on the mountain. there were amazing views & it was a great opportunity for a little cuddle sesh ;)

{ann & i were on the look out for fabulous over sized hats for the weekend & i picked one up after lunch and had so much fun wearing it!}

for dinner the four of us hit up a local bbq place & we all stuffed ourselves full of ribs and baked potatoes. after dinner mark & i took a dip in the jacuzzi right outside our back door & i got a chance to wear the new bathing suit i bought earlier that day!

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