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May 21, 2013

San Francisco

Last weekend Mark & I flew out to San Fran to meet up with my family to celebrate my brother's graduation from law school! While we were there we were the ultimate tourists & I was totally fine with that. We began our trip with a visit to Alcatraz on Friday morning.

 ^^^ it was a bit of a windy day out on the island ;) ^^^

From housing some of America's most wanted felons to being occupied by Native American for over a year, this tiny island has quite a bit of history lurking on it. Not to mention, the grounds of Alcatraz are just beautiful. There were tons of flowers, greenery and wild birds covering the island.

We spent the evening at our little loft where we ate tons of pizza, salad and just hung out as a family...with the most amazing massage chair ever. I will be shocked if my parents don't purchase one after how much we all used it. ;)

The next morning we all woke up bright and early & headed off to University of San Francisco to watch Marcus graduate from law school!

^^^ he did it! ^^^
 ^^^ proud mama ^^^
 ^^^ & me just being me ^^^

Congrats again, Marcus! Law school is quite an onto preparing for the bar!

Stay tuned for part two of our trip to SF...


  1. this is so exciting for your family!
    this also makes me excited to move to the bay in two weeks! yay!
    gorgeous photos.


    1. you will love living up there!!! so much to do and awesome weather! i'm jealous ;)

  2. San Francisco seems like a place worth visiting :)

  3. Amazing photos! Id love to travel there one day. Xx

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