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May 26, 2013

san fran part 2

the second half of our trip to SF was full of food, exploring and bay to breakers! bay to breakers is a race that goes through the streets of San Fran and behind all of the actual runners is a massive crowd of wild individuals dressed up (others are dressed down...) having a good time. after hearing about the craziness of this event for the past few years we decided we had to see if for ourselves.

 ^^^ Nani was hit, to say the least ^^^
^^^ you could say we felt a little...over dressed^^^
^^^ many people come in groups & wear matching costumes ^^^

 after the race we grabbed lunch down at pier 23 & explored fisherman's wharf for a little while before we had to catch our flight home. the weekend flew by way too fast, as most weekend trips do, but it was a vacation for the books! can't wait for our next wild adventure...


  1. The pictures are amazing! :) Looks like a great time.

  2. LOVE these pictures! They capture Bay to Breakers perfectly. Also, I'm a little too obsessed with your outfit and dying over those mint pants! Great post!


  3. You have beautiful pictures! great shots..

    CMPang x

  4. I'm 5'9", just found you, and love your blog. Also SF is not so far from me...
    You caught a wonderful day, which I am sure you know. The time I ran Bay to Breakers, it POURED!!!!

  5. i am so incredibly in love with your work. i want to book you for our christmas/ 5 year anniversary photos in november. i will be contacting you soon! ;)

  6. nice post thanks for update s455 tax


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