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February 22, 2013

calories calories calories

the other day i was struggling hard core with not eating a happy meal that one of the little kids i nanny didn't touch. luckily for me mark texted me some encourging words, "don't eat it", & i didn't! he also sent me this really interesting video about calories & the food industry today.

as some of you know i used to count calories hard core with my husband & we both lost a good amount of weight doing so! but after watching the video below i am a bit shocked about our success...

it is wild how many calories go into meals that you eat at when dining at a restaurant, or a simple snack that you pick up from a cafe & even your favorite drinks! for those of you who wish to continue living blindly to the fact that the food you are served by others is often TERRIBLY bad for you, then don't watch the video below. but if you are curious about how truthful listed calories are then take a look...

crazy, right?!

when mark sent me this link the other day i was really shocked. well, sort of. to be honest i was more disappointed than anything. it's awesome that food companies are required to show the calories in their products these days, but what good are they if they aren't accurate? for all i know they could be simply picking a random number & slapping it on a label!! no wonder the folks in our country are LARGE & in charge!

p.s. i'm not saying i will never eat out again! i am a lover of tasty food, even mcdonals...i know i know, but i would rather be educated about these kinds of things & go from there.


  1. Very interesting. I think there is allowed to be a 20% margin of error on any nutritional data, but some of these were absurd! Working in the food industry I see lots of "hidden" calories that sneak into your food at restaurants and am not surprised by the over 1100 calorie Chipotle burrito... yuck! It is just better to cook for yourself at home whenever possible so you can control the amount of fat, salt, sugar and calories in your food (not to mention other nasty chemicals)!

  2. Wow this really is interesting and had no idea.

  3. oh my....YIKES!

  4. AHHHH thanks for this, very interesting video!

    everything seems have a lie behind it regarding consumer goods.

    Hamida X

  5. The worst is the places that give ranges, like Chipotle because you can assume on the low end and really be way above the high end. Calories are just so hard for me to wrap my head around, but they still work better for me than spending hours and hours spending money on fad diet foods, etc.

    1. are the places* oh boy, I shouldn't post comments after 9 PM apparently

    2. haha i always assume on the low end & i am honestly just trying to make myself feel better! i hate it!!

  6. That video was crazy!! I recently downloaded an app that allows me to write down everything I consume for all meals and it adds up the calories. Not sure now accurate it is but is does really make me think twice about getting up for that quick snack or having that second slice of pizza ;-)

    1. i do that too! i like to keep track of what i eat...but seems slightly pointless after this video!

  7. Dang that's so crazy! I can't believe how inaccurate that muffin was. It's no wonder people have such a hard time keeping track of it all when you can't believe anything on the label.
    Thanks for the video,

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