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February 5, 2013

super bowl festivities

^^^ apparently the boys enjoyed the commercials ^^^
^^^ intense moment in the game??? nope, beyonce. ^^^

our super bowl sunday was so much fun. we kept it pretty low key with just a few friends & some delicious food. the menu consisted of chips & dip, BBQ pulled pork, homemade rolls and french fries. maryclaire worked her baking magic & pulled off some AMAZING rolls. it was also nice to have mark in the kitchen with the ladies for a bit while he made all of the fries! {yes, we have a deep frier...don't judge} we had planned on making some healthier sides to balance all of our carbs as well as a tasty dessert, but after all of the snacking we decided we were too full to do much of anything. this was kind of a big deal...skipping dessert is unheard of in this group. i'm just saying! :)

>> i would also like to point out that i realize maryclaire is in many of my posts. we are good friends {not sisters} & so are our husbands, so we get together at least once a week. i do have to say, it is so nice having a cooking buddy & a willing model whenever i want to take pictures!


  1. Looks like a great time and all that food looks delicious. :)

  2. Haha I think that was everyone's expression watching Beyonce :).

  3. love your blog! your also a great photographer aswell, seen your site, it's amazing!
    new follower!

  4. Awesome that you have a deep fryer. I can't be trusted to have one in my house. I think I'd use it for everything!

    1. haha we have learned to remove the oil to store it so that we aren't tempted too often!

  5. Haha, love the look on their faces thinking it was a great game! but that was Beyonce! Hilarious!

  6. Too fun! Work that deep fryer girl! ;)

  7. Very cool pictures! Super bowl is a big things abroad, isn't it? We don't have it here in the netherlands, too bad! It looks like a lot of fun! And your food looks delicious, actually made me hungry!


  8. Pics are fun, it look like a wonderful time!!!
    New follower:) I like your blog

  9. you had to spend a good evening in the company of friends is you!
    very nice photo.

  10. lovely blog! :)

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥

  11. aah just discovered your lovely cute blog... x yum those fries look good :) Millie @

  12. Very lovely photos! (:


  13. Lovely blog :-)! I'm following you now on GFC, hope you will follow me back :)


  14. homemade fries?! Those look amazing! So yum!


  15. Such cool positive photos! Looks like a great deal of fun! :)

  16. haha "intense moment in the game - nope, beyonce" I died.

  17. love your blog. following you now. xoxo

  18. Watching the game in the company of great friends with amazing food - man, this is just PERFECT!


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