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February 15, 2013

our day of love

valentine's day was great this year. mark & i kept it really low key, which i was totally happy with.

i spent the morning making a DELICIOUS cake & had some fun decorating it. mark then surprised me around noon with flowers & a few gifts and took me out to lunch. on top of all of that when he came home from work he made dinner for us. i wasn't allowed to help or even look in the general direction of the kitchen while he was preparing everything. sneaky guy! he made such a tasty meal, too!! fresh salmon, rice & bacon wrapped asparagus. pretty impressive, right? after dinner we watched the vow for a little romance & spent the rest of the night just hanging out.

how did you spend your valentine's day//night????


  1. The blue in those roses is amazing.And bacon wrapped in asparagus? Now that is real love.

  2. Everithing so lovelly! And yhammy! :)

  3. mmmm your dinner looks fabulous! & that cake is almost too pretty to eat....almost. ;)

  4. So yummy and SO sweet!! The bacon wrapped asparagus looks soo yummy!

  5. I'm not sure which looks better - the asparagus or that cake! MMMM.

  6. The cake looks gorgeous and delicious! :)

  7. I love the way you decorated that cake JB!! Do you just make spirals with a star tip? Please share!

    1. thanks, ash!! ya, i wanted to use a larger star tip but it wouldn't fit the bag i was i used a small star tip. just a quick decoration...kinda sloppy haha but i will get better!!

  8. Happy belated valentine's day to the both of you. That cake looks brilliant. How cool is the pattern you've done with the icing! ANd a beautiful bouquet. I can't wait to experience days like this in my life :D

  9. oh wow.. that looks delicious!!! :D
    belated happy valentine's day!! :D

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  10. That cake looks delicious :) These pictures are lovely, love your flowers and the not in the marshmasllows is so cute.
    Rosalie x

  11. what a cute cake! you're so talented!

  12. You and your photos are adorbs <3

    xO Rachel


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