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May 1, 2013

how about a PB&J rice cake...

GUYS, this is my favorite little snack. i'm sure we all remember classic PB&J sandwiches from back in elementary school, & well...they are back!! sort of.

i remember reading in some health magazine that women who eat peanut butter as a part of their diet actually weigh less...when i told my mom this she kind of gave me that 'are you crazy' look, but i think 1 tablespoon of peanut butter won't hurt ya & it may even mean you are skinnier than you thought? ;)

but honestly a rice cake with a thin layer of PB & some homemade raspberry jam? perfection. {especially when you use your mother in law's amazing raspberry jam!} this is one of my favorite mid-morning snacks or a quick breakfast when i am running out the door. & ya i could use a piece of whole wheat toast, but sometimes i would rather keep things lighter and save myself an extra 100 calories. >> rice cakes are only 35 calories! depending on how much PB&J you like, this snack can be as little as 150 calories & will fill up an empty tummy quite nicely.

what are your favorite snack foods????


  1. oh my heck that looks so simple and good! pb is the bomb. i think my favorite snack right now is pb and celery...or yogurt and granola!

  2. hahahaha buns! everytime I see rice cakes I think of you and that one summer that you were obsessed with them! you're funny!

  3. Oh my word! That looks AMAZING!!! I think I'm going to have to try that. I love to snack on fresh fruit. Seriously there is nothing like it in the world to me. Especially when it comes from on my little garden.

  4. Hmm... is that article something like: you can lose weight by drinking water? I'm kind of sceptical with stuff like that. In any case, that PB&J rice cake looks beautiful and pretty sure it's yummy.

  5. Yummy!! My favorite snack at the moment is frozen yogurt with...rum. Like a nice shot of rum, lol!!

  6. I always like to eat rice cake with peanut butter when I come back from school.


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