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May 15, 2013

saying goodbye to friends

^^^ we were all treated to pizza for our help! where naturally we had to watch 
one or two youtube videos. impossible to escape with those boys. ^^^

mark & i are so sad to see some of our best friends move out of provo. maryclaire, nate, mark and myself were all friends before we ever got married, so needless to say these two have been our favorite little married couple to hang out with for the past 9 months. i don't think there was a single week that we didn't see the cooks at least once, and sometimes it was more like 3 or 4 nights a week. from cooking fun meals together and watching episodes of madmen to sports games galore and trips to color me mine, this couple has made this past year so much fun for us. but as much as we will miss living 5 minutes away, we are thrilled for them to move back to arizona and start a whole new chapter of their lives.

i always joke about never wanting to visit arizona again (i can't do that kind of heat), but if it means i get to see these two i guess i can make a trip out there once or twice. ;) (uhoh, what did i just promise?????)

we love you guys!!!!! and miss you already!


  1. since we are moving we are in this phase too.
    however, we don't have tons of friends, but the ones we do have we will be sad to leave.
    however, living in sf will be awesome, so i'm ok with it, they just all have to visit us.

    as far as AZ goes, i don't know why it is so gosh dang hot. i grew up in vegas so you think i could handle it, but every time we go and visit my in-laws i die. haha.


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  3. this makes me sad. i'm ready for another girls night already.

  4. Sad to lose close friends! Thank goodness for Face Time and Skype so you can stay in touch -- though it's never quite the same. :(


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