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December 24, 2012

sibling lovin'

coming home for the holidays tend to be very busy when we are in LA with my family. my parents seem to plan out the entire vacation so we can fit as much in as possible. while i love that we are on the go & doing fun things, this often means i don't have much time to see friends when i'm back. luckily two of my best high school friends asked me to take some holiday sibling pictures a few days before christmas. i was so happy that they did because it was the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends that i rarely see for a few hours!

i think giving parents cute pictures of their kids is always an easy but thoughtful gift that they are sure to love! jordan & ariana, i hope that your parents are surprised & happy with their gifts this year!

i had so much fun chatting & snapping pictures of these two little groups of siblings. i also learned some valuable lessons about photographing friends. haha. i miss these girls a lot & am so happy that i was able to see them during this visit home!

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