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December 10, 2012

what i'm loving lately

i love when other blogs that i read have simple posts about beauty & skin products that they love to use. i find it so helpful & thought that i would share some of my favorites!
1.) PCA Clearskin Lotion >> when i first moved to utah about 4 years ago i started to break out a lot. after i began using clearskin lotion i found that my skin was so much healthier & my acne was more under control! i was introduced to this lotion about a year ago when my facialist back home suggested i give it a try. i have combination skin & this lotion works great for me. it isn't greasy but it is creamy enough to help with my dry skin, while also inhibiting breakouts. perfect!

2.) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair >> i love to use this night serum after i wash my face in the evenings before i apply my lotion. it just helps my skin to feel healthy & soft.

3.) Crest White Strips >> i swear by crest white strips. i know these often get a bad reputation of causing sensitive teeth, but i rarely come across this when using these white strips. i have used this product since high school & love it. when i first started to use these i saw a noticeable difference after only two applications.

4.) MAC Zoom Lash >> again, this is a product i have used for years & that is why i feel the need to share about it! zoom lash is my favorite mascara. i like to use another cheap mascara first & then apply zoom lash afterwards to really make my lashes pop! i always get the blackest they offer...i don't understand brown mascara, personally.


  1. i lovvee crest white strips. and i'll definitely have to try out that mascara! thanks for this!

    1. yay i'm glad there's someone else who loves crest white stips! haha & let me know what you think about the mascara if you decide to get it!

  2. A LOT of the teeth whitening products I've used before don't seem to do much for my teeth but I feel these white strips do really work for me

    Chloё x


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