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December 14, 2012

troubled times

as i came to work today i heard of the terrible tradegy that took place in newtown, conneticut. i think that are few things more scary to me than a public shooting. i feel so heart broken that this particular shooting took place at an elementary school & my prayers are with the families of those who lost a loved one today. 

whenever terrible things like this happen the issue of guns tends to be highlighted & highly debated. i can't say that i agree one way or the other necessarily {perhaps slightly due to my lack of a solid opinion about guns at the moment}, but i know that this is bigger than simply the weapons that were used. we are living in troubled & complicated times. not that times prior haven't had their fair share of trials...but today is so much more, well...complicated, for lack of a better word. the internet & technology lends a huge hand in this i think. i also think that families are not as solid as they once were. this may sound weird to apply to this situation but i think the way kids are brought up, what they see & how much they feel loved plays a huge role in their self esteem, their views of the world & who they become as an adult or young person.

i don't have a solution for this problem or know of a way to solve the issue of public shootings, but i'm not sure that taking away guns from the public would solve the issue.

this was a bit of a vent session for me & to just throw out some of my thoughts at this particular moment. my apologies if it is scrambled & doesn't make much sense.

but overall i am sad. the man who did this MUST have had things going on in his life...none of which begin to excuse what he did, but i am also sad for him. sad that he somehow felt that this was the only way to be heard or whatever his reason may have been.

i just hope everyone has someone that they can confide in. someone that they know loves them & something wonderful that is worth living for. i hope that couples, families & friends can be honest with one another & express problems, concerns & ask for help. i think that we all need to feel loved & to love others for this life to be worth living.

i know i have love for my husband, family, friends & God. i love life & that the sun rises every day. there are so many things to be thankful for & times like this really help me to realize i have so much. i also am reminded that people you don't know are often going through tough times & to be kind to everyone you meet. you never know the struggles someone is dealing with & what you can do with a simple smile or "hello" to turn their day around.

let us all be happy, healthy & safe.

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