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December 12, 2012

i love {costco}

costco is a magical place. huge portions, a little bit of everything & samples. i have longed to be a part of the costco club for some time now. while in college, i would bum off of my friend's memberships & buy a few random items every now & then. when i got married i thought i would finally be able to go into this wonderful place on my own & buy whatever my heart desired, but that wasn't the case. mark had a card but i couldn't be added to it {long story short}.

but i am happy to announce that i FINALLY have my very own costco card! one of my employers put me on their card so i could pick some stuff up for them occasionally, but which also means i can go to costco on my own! this may sound nuts & so silly but i am quite happy about this.

in fact, i went there the other day & made my very first purchase. a rotisserie chicken! ha. which helped to make this lovely plate of food {below} complete!

simple, easy & delicious!


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