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August 24, 2012

big news...

so i have made a pretty big decision in my life.

it has taken me a while to make this decision, but time has finally run out & i am being forced to choose a path. what am i blabbering on about exactly? i have decided to give up grad school & devote my time & future to the art of photography.

with the help of my wonderful family, friends & husband i think i have come to the best decision at this point in my life.

i am a bit nervous about embarking on this new adventure & leaving school behind me, but i am also excited. i am going to chase after a dream that i have and see what happens! i plan to work hard & learn as much as i can. i am anxious & ready to develop my skills & learn from some wonderful people around me.

wish me luck

& if you ever need some pictures know where to find me ;)

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