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August 28, 2012

see ya later summer

ok ok, i know summer hasn't officially ended but today i found myself longing for the upcoming season, which is just around the corner...FALL!

summer in a small college town like provo can be pretty quiet. most students are spending time back home, are off vacationing or {for byu students} are tying the knot & going on their honeymoons ;), it is pretty clear when summer is on its way out because suddenly the streets are packed with cars & it takes you 15 minutes to drive from your house to the closest grocery store. the rush of returning college students {& anxious new freshman} are slowly finding their way back for a new school year. not to mention the local target and walmart are completely picked over - thanks freshmen parents! nevertheless, all of these small changes mean that fall is slowly approaching & i couldn't be more excited about it!

this summer was much too hot for my liking & i am ready for some chilly days and a chance to wear a sweater again. i also love fall because that means that all of my favorite holidays are right around the corner.

i am looking forward to the sipping hot cocoa while snuggling up on the couch, the sound of football on the tv {am i crazy?}, making holiday crafts, using my oven again, making homemade soups, the smell of hot cider, holiday flicks on tv, finally being able to sleep with the window open, & all of my favorite shows starting up again!

AH! doesn't that sound just perfect right about now? it sure does to me.

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  1. Fall is my favorite season! It sounds like all of those Sunday night "football" get-togethers with friends had an impact on you!


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