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August 7, 2012

lala land part lll

on our final day in los angeles i met up with 3 of my best friends from high school. we got together on sunday morning at a local coffee shop {zeli's} & sipped on frozen hot chocolates. yum. it was so nice catching up with them & hearing what everyone is up to. i can't wait to live closer one day so that we can be more apart of each others lives again...

it's crazy how something so simple like a trip to trader joe's can be so special! we don't have a TJ's in utah, so when i get the opportunity to go grocery shopping there i take full advantage of it. i can't wait for utah to get a trader joe's, even if it is in salt lake {i can't live without their salsa}. 

around noon we all headed to get massages & the girls got pedicures as well. it was so relaxing & it was mark's first time ever getting a professional massage! he was a fan, but who isn't? 

after a nice afternoon out, we all came home & lounged around the house. we spent some time outside in the garden & the boys got together and played some music. they are really talented musicians.

while the kids had a relaxing afternoon, my dad & other JPLers were busy preparing & waiting for 10:31pm when the rover curiousity was scheduled to land on mars. this was a huge deal & a very complicated process. so in honor of another landing, we had a traditional take-out chinese food dinner with family and friends. we were all excited to head to PCC & watch the landing together. everything went just as planned & the brilliant people of JPL successfully landed another rover on the surface of mars. a few minutes after curiousity landed, 2 clear images were sent back for the world to see. it was a really cool experience that i'm glad i was able to be a part of. 
congrats to the MSL team! 

{i actually worked on the MSL project for a few weeks one summer in high school - i was a big help, no doubt! ;)}

traditional take-out chinese dinner before a landing!

landed safely
first image

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