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August 4, 2012

lala land part I

our trip to LA has been amazing so far. it is awesome how much you can fit into a single day & truly enjoy it when you are with family. whenever we come home to LA the house is packed full of people {mostly my siblings} & it is loud, crowded, messy & that is just the way i like a home to be. lived in. 

my dad & nancy decided that this year we would begin our staycation with a trip to the california science center in downtown LA. while we were there we enjoyed an imax presentation on the mysteries of egypt. the boys & mark loved the science center and all the fun activities it had to offer. but most of all they loved spending time together and harassing one another at every moment they could. how old are they again??? oh, late twenties, that's right. :)

then we got some mcdonald's ice cream cones & walked around the rose gardens. the weather was perfect, sunny and a slight breeze coming off the ocean. i love LA weather. 

after a long day we all regrouped at the house & then headed to old town pasadena {my favorite place in town} for a mexican dinner & a movie. alicia & kyle went to ashely's rehearsal dinner, but nani & alex joined us instead and made the night simply wonderful. my stepmom, nancy, and nani spoiled me a bit more with 2 new pairs of shoes :) i guess there are perks of being the only girl in attendance sometimes. i love girl time with those 2!

after a long day & fun night everyone was exhausted, but of course the boys wanted to play some more. they hit the hot tub & stayed up late while the rest of us headed off to bed. what a great start to this staycation!

brothers & husband

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