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January 3, 2013

daily ramblings

^^ today i visited the brand new & only TJ's in utah. it is so great to have one of these bad boys in this state. finally! although, why is it that trader joe's parking lots are ALWAYS terrible & a mad house? oh well, i'll take what i can get. on the way to TJ's i stopped by pictureline to check out a camera that i've been eyeing for a few months now :) a possible upgrade may be on the way. stay tuned...


ANYWHO, i've been noticing lately that mark & i really need to update the pictures we have of us together. we haven't had professional pictures taken since we got married, which was about a year & a half ago. & as much as i love photography & love to look at pictures, for some reason we just don't have very many "wanna-blow-up-&-frame" kind of pictures. i would love to get amazing new portraits of us {i have some ideas i'm thinking of} & redo the decor in our little condo. it desperately needs it.

perhaps {if mark agrees} we will dig into our shallow, little pockets in the next couple of months & make it happen.
i'll let you know! but in the mean time i think i'll go binge on all the food i got today ;)

happy thursday!!


  1. Ooo, I heard about the new TJ in Utah. I am so excited to check it out! Getting pictures with the hubs always seems so difficult. You should totally check out my blog for a giveaway photo shoot with an amazing photographer here in Utah!! p.s. love your blog!

  2. Thanks, Kashia. I'll check it out! & you should get to TJ's ASAP!

  3. You only have ONE TJ's in your state?'s time to move to So Cal ;D We have PLENTY!

    1. haha i grew up LA so trust me i know how many there are down there!! & that's why i was so excited to FINNNNNAALLLLYY get one in utah :)


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