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January 2, 2013

a single new year resolution

it's so funny that every year on the first of january people publically pledge to make changes or do new things for the upcoming year. i think it's a great idea to make goals for yourself, but i've heard from various sources that telling people what you plan to do makes you less likely to do it. for some reason by saying it out loud you somehow think you've already accomplished it. 
just something to think about!

anyway, after all that i must publically announce one of my new year resolutions...

>> after 22 years of having the ugliest nails, i have decided this will be the year that i overcome my nail biting! it is such a terrible habit to have as an adult. who wants to see a grown woman with her fingers in her mouth...uhhh, probably no one. i look like i'm two. not to mention, i constantly get made fun of or criticized by friends & family for having the smallest nails on earth. but rightfully so because my fingers seriously look like little nubs.

so, i'm saying this out loud because i need people to know i'm trying! in order for me to stop long term i need people to call me out if i slip up & help me stop. i've also heard about this stuff that i am thinking i may try out. additionally, in order to keep my nails out of my mouth i have to keep them painted & pretty, so if anyone ever needs to get their nails done...let me know!


  1. Jenna-
    I have just loaded your blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party -- so you are all set. Latest updates are on my blog. See you on the 19th!

  2. Gosh, this should be my resolution too!! Although I have moved from the biting to the picking...still....yuck! I'm right there with ya, girl!

    1. haha i don't know why people have this habit! it's so weird

  3. You should start getting gel manicures! Once you get one, you'll never want to bite your nails because they look too dang pretty!

    1. such a great idea! i've actually had those before & i loved them. i should probably start getting those again. thanks for the suggestion :)


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