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January 5, 2013

my bucket list

so, i think having a bucket list is great. writing down things that you hope or wish to accomplish in your life is a wonderful first step in actually getting around to doing those things. while some items on my bucket list will take time, i hope to experience each thing that i add to my bucket list because i put it on there for a reason.

>> new york city. as a little girl {& to this day} i was fascinated with new york city. the tall buildings, busy streets, tons of people & a place so full of life. i would love to one day live in nyc & be a city girl. >> i would also like to run a marathon sometime during my lifetime. i think working hard to get physically fit is a great goal. working out is so mental for me & training my body & mind to complete any sort of race would be a true accomplishment. >> a dream of mine that i hope to fulfill sooner rather than later is photographing a wedding all on my own. i am working hard to develop my brand & who i am as a photographer to get to the point where someone requests that i shoot their wedding!  >> lastly, i recently decided that learning to sew would be an awesome skill. being able to design a skirt to fit me just right while also being able to choose the length, pattern & material would be a dream come true. the possibilities would be endless!


  1. All great items on your bucket list! Jeffrey wants to run a marathon sometime in his lifetime too... I'll just stick with a 5K.. ha. There's a half marathon that runs the streets of downtown LA/dodger stadium every new years! You should check it out next year!

  2. is that the one that amanada did this year?? i saw that & thought that would such a fun run! if running is ever fun that is...i will definitely look into it! thanks for the suggestion! :)


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