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January 25, 2013

friday's letters 02

i used to think winter & i got along, but after this year...i'm not so sure! i know i've blogged enough about
 the joys of winter {sarcasm}, but here are a few more for ya! 

>> dear hands, i'm sorry i let you turn to icicles every morning. i am now starting to really understand & appreciate winter clothes. like real winter clothes. lately my hands have been frozen, especially when driving in the early hours of the morning, & my little target mittens just aren't cutting it! leather gloves make sense to me now. i would kill for a pair right about now. >> dear excessive layering, as pretty as the snow may be...i'm officially over bundling up to go anywhere! this pretty woman in the picture above is so stylish & gorge walking down a city street with snow at her feet, but come on...there is no way. >> dear me, let's try to be more optimistic, shall we! so, on a more positive note, winter is a great time for soups. i have enjoyed making various soups & stews lately. i do tend to miss this aspect of winter when the hot summer months are around. so, i think i will try a few more new soup recipes before the winter chill is gone & spring arrives! >> & since we are chatting about food, dear waistline, my apologies for not paying enough attention to you. making desserts seems to be inevitable when you are snowed in...or perhaps simply too cold to even think about going outside. i sometimes feel like a bear. all i want to do is eat a bunch of heavy desserts & hibernate for a while. i know some of you girls know what i'm talking about! &&& with all the many layers of clothing i wear every day, no one will notice the extra lbs, right??? because we all know i haven't hit the gym for a few weeks...okay, months. yikes!

cheers, winter.
but i am happy to report i am headed to NYC today!!!! big apple, here i come.
i can't wait to see you tonight.


  1. Hahaha! Loved this and I LOVE YOUR SARCASM. Lovely post. Trust me, I am also getting pick of Winter! xxxx

  2. But that blog so pretty!
    I love and why I follow you from now; D
    And of course thanks for stopping by mine if not for it could not find blogs like yours.

  3. Have a great weekend!

    PS- Layering in the winter=right to indulge in rich food since those layers hide the extra pounds

  4. yes! I never understood why we layer, but now I do! It's not to stay warm, it's so we can eat a ton of warm gooey desserts! You, my dear, are a genius!

  5. Those gloves. I want them so bad. Please. gimme. haha!

  6. i love this. winter has been particularly brutal this year to all parties involved, hands, waist, wallet, fashion, all of the keynote players. Great post.


  7. I really need to invest in leather gloves. It's getting ridiculous.

    xo Ashley

  8. There is a batch of brownies in the oven as I'm writing this, and a gallon of ice cream in the freezer just waiting to nestle on top of those brownies. No joke! I have to say too that I never was a wuss about the cold, but in the last couple years I am always freezing. That cute girl in the picture really is suffering for fashion!

  9. NYC? Fuuuunnn! And dang those treats, why do we love them so? ;)

  10. 1. what are you up to in NYC? (it snowed there today so beware :)
    2. your blog is adorable
    3. i finally got a pair of real gloves and my hands are thanking me on the regular - go for it :)

    excited to be you newest follower!

    1. i am in NYC for a little fashion shoot i am attending! thanks so much for stoppying by my little blog! i am really wishing i had some good gloves right now because it is FREEEZING here!

  11. Love the picture! Have so much fun in NYC!!! Be safe. :)

  12. Love your Blog :)
    following you on GFC

  13. this is such an adorable post :)
    have fun in new york!

  14. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



  15. Great post and great content! I too love winter, and always manage to spread the word about how lovely it is the summer months. However, come winter and the cold, and by the time Im freezing all I do is complain! ahah we've all been there.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :) it was really nice of you. I will be following from now on.

  16. I am so with yah – ready for winter to be over! Thankfully I have cute gloves and coats to rely on to get me through :) Have fun in NYC!

  17. cute post


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