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January 6, 2013

shoot with the barefoot blonde

yesterday afternoon i went out to do a quick photo shoot with my friend amber clark, also known as the barefoot blonde! she has an amazing blog that you all should check out if you don't already follow it. 

here is a short preview of the shoot. to see the full shoot visit my photography website. i had so much fun catching up with amber & taking pictures of her. she is just gorgeous, right?!

thanks, amber!


  1. Beautiful shots - she is gorge! Love her leather leggings too!

    1. thanks, rachael! i've decided that i need to find some leather leggings now!

  2. Hey! How do you know Amber? I went to high school with her. She's beautiful, & I love her blog; you did a great job on these pics too! I'm so glad I found your blog!

    1. I lived with Amber for a year here in utah! Thanks so much, i'm happy you stumbled upon my blog, as well! :)

  3. These photos are gorgeous girl! You have some talent!


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