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November 9, 2012

baby it's cold outside

two days ago it was 72 degrees outside & today it is a winter wonderland! i can't believe that we are facing winter again already. being a california girl really comes out of me during this time of year. way too cold for me is 50 degrees, so you can imagine how i feel about the current temperature of 34! yikes!

but even though i prefer a more comfortable temperature of 70, i must admit that there is nothing more beautiful & peaceful than snow falling. everything is white, quiet & seems so pure! this afternoon the snow began to really come down & it was such a sight to see that i decided i had to go outside for a few minutes {bear through the chill} & take some pictures to share with you all! 

driving in the snow is an adventure that i am not a huge fan of, so what's on the agenda for tonight? i was thinking maybe a snowball fight with mark ;) followed by a cozy night inside. popcorn, hot cocoa, a warm meal & a movie! 
sounds pretty good to me!


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