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November 18, 2012

weekend recap

my weekend started a bit early this week. mark spent all day friday working from home due to a scratchy throat & i discovered that it is rather hard for me to get things done when he is around during the day. usually i spend my fridays working on my website, blog, doing errands, cleaning up the house & whatever else needs to be done, but when i woke up to mark sitting on the couch i knew it wouldn't be a typical friday. i don't have that problem on saturdays & sundays for some reason, but on a weekday i seem to just want to chat or go do fun things with him! can you blame me??

that evening was girls night & boys night IN. i say in because we both had plans to go over to some friend's houses rather than going out for a change. in honor of my friend lauren's return to utah, some of my old roommates & i decided it was time for a get-together. we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to keep up our tradition of making breakfast for dinner! we had a blast cooking, chatting & hanging out with one another! good girl friends are hard to come by & i am thankful for these girls! meanwhile, the boys gathered together to play a new video game that had just come out. their night consisted of too much pizza, candy, chips, soda, video games & boys just being boys. all in all, it was a successful night!

i woke up early saturday morning & headed up to draper to take some family photos for the family that i nanny for. the weather was supposed to be on our side, but we ended up getting clouds & a bit of rain. we made the best of what we had & did some indoor photos as well as a few down at a local park before the rain really started to fall. this was the first time i had ever photographed a family on my own & i learned a ton from the experience. i was a little nervous, but i am hoping that they love the pictures. the rest of saturday was a bit of a blur. after an early start to the day, traveling up north & working hard i was just a little tired. we spent the rest of the day hanging out at home, ordering our favorite thai take-out for dinner & making healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. i don't know what it is about the term "healthy", but for some reason the brain thinks healthy=you can eat more than usual, which results in no longer being healthy! ha.

{a small preview of the shoot i did :: jenna bechtholt photography}

sunday was spent cleaning, cooking & getting ready for the upcoming week! i made a delicious pork roast with sweet potatos & a cabbage, apple & onion slaw. both mark & i really liked it! {i love finding meals that i can repeat again!} i can't believe thanksgiving is in 4 days! i am so eager to go to seattle & spend some time with mark's family. it will be fun to get out of town for a few days & eat some GREAT food. i will miss seeing my family for this holiday, but christmas will be here in no time!!

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  1. love this and LOVED our girls night! can't wait to do it again!


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