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November 7, 2012

politics & the public

i thought that once the election was finished i would be happy because all of the silly & overbearing campaign commerials would be done with, but i only find myself more annoyed by all of the comments i am seeing all over my facebook & twitter feed. i can respect that people are frustrated & annoyed that their preferred candidate did not win & some people are beyond upset because they think obama is not the right man for the position, but i am SO tired of the rude, hateful & disrespectful statuses.

i'm honestly not surprised that people lose friends over politics. politics & other controversial topics can bring out the worst in people. their ignorance, hatefulness & stupidity. 

it is one thing to be concerned for our country, but purposely stirring up hateful emotions in others with the things that you write is so unnecessary.

i can't say that i voted for obama, but i also don't think the world is going to come to an end because he was re-elected. & finally, i don't believe that romney would have necessarily been able to repair everything in our country that obama has caused or hasn't yet fixed. these things take TIME & the although the president has a lot of power, he cannot do any & everything he wants. checks & balances, my friends. {but i won't get into all of that because this post isn't about my political opinions}

perhaps i should just avoid facebook & twitter for the next few days, but really all this election has reinforced within me is the fact that i hate politics.


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