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November 26, 2012

i love {morning talk radio}

am i the only person who actually enjoys talk radio?
i'm not talking about any old chit chat being broadcasted...i love morning shows where two or three hosts go on about any & everything that comes to mind.

when i am in the car before 10am talk radio is a must. i actually find myself switching the station & getting frustrated when my favorite stations take a break to play a song. some people need their coffee in the morning, but i need my morning talk radio!

i am a sucker for gossip magazines, so naturally listening to people discuss celebrity gossip, news & what not on the radio is a perfect fit for me.

i guess my love for morning talk radio began in high school when i would drive to school with my sister. kiisFM was my station & i loved to listen to ryan seacrest go on about various celebrities, recent reality tv show drama & local news. i also enjoyed hearing random people call in to discuss whatever the daily topic was. {when anyone calls into a radio station it is usually a great reminder of how weird/crazy people are. i love it!} does anyone remember the 'ryan's roses' segment?? apparently they still do it!
i realize this past time of mine might sound really strange, but everyone has their guilty pleasures, right? :)

during college i was rarely awake before 10am, unless i had a class, so i missed out on my favorite morning programs for quite a while. but now that i work up in draper two days a week i get a solid 40 minutes of morning talk radio. i guess i can't say that i mind the commute ;)

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