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November 12, 2012

{short & sweet} today i am thankful for...

so it is the month of thanksgiving & i love seeing what people are thankful for every day on facebook, twitter & other social media outlets. i might be starting a bit late {& half way into november}, but better late than never, RIGHT?!

so, today, i am thankful for diet coke from mcdonalds & pier one imports commericals. very random, i know, but lately i have been back on diet coke {zero calories & a caffeine boost = much needed sometimes} & for only $1 you can get any size soda that you desire at mcdonalds. & for some reason there is nothing like a diet coke from mcdonalds...other places simply fall short in comparison & i'm not sure why! as for the pier one commericals, i am thankful for these gems because when they come on tv they cause me to literally laugh out loud, even when i am home alone. they are so strange but still hilarious in my opinion. i thoroughly enjoy laughing at them even if i am by myself & feel slightly embarrassed afterwards! :)

i think this is a perfect example of the saying, "it is the little things that matter most." even the smallest pleasures in life can bring us so much joy! & i am thankful for those things.

what are you thankful for today??

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